Sustainable consumerism might change the world

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Consumerism is what people devote a great deal of time, effort and thought into and the general view is that it is the centre of happiness and wellbeing, particularly on the purchase of material goods. Whilst shopping can be a creative and exciting experience, it can also result in us consuming more than is needed, particularly when boundaries are removed.

Advertisements do much more than simply transmit information and inform people about a product, they reshape our desires around material possessions and give us the illusion that we are buying into the good life, constantly affirming the association between happiness and consumption, between success in life and buying things, between sexual attractiveness and particular forms of consumption. This reflects a manic-consumerist society and our take-for-granted cultural pressures that accompany it.

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It is essential for the health of the economy that people buy things so the issue is not really that there is anything wrong with shopping and consuming as such, but rather the current system we live in that shapes our preferences and choices in favour of manic-consumption over other values. In order to increase the efficiency of consumption as well as a change in consumption patterns, there needs to be a shift in our so-called attitude and behaviour with educational informed advertising and more green consumption choices needed to allow the consumer to make different choices, consume less and in the end, translate their concerns into their purchase-decision making resulting in much more happiness, wellbeing and a better quality of life for all and future generations.

If people really are the best judge of their own desires and preferences, then why not simply open up the world we are buying into and open up our actions for the world to read about. The more stories we tell about the good things, the better things, the healthier things that we are buying into, the things that are reshaping our lives for the good and for the better, the more alternate trending will begin thus creating a better world for future generations to live in.

Right now in the UK and around the world there are so many people and children whose lives and futures are being shaped by ill health, and the number of people with symptoms and chronic illnesses who are not getting better is rapidly growing. It is not a trend that we should be experiencing in this world and It’s heart breaking. This alarming growth has pushed us more than ever to Act and we believe that we can do something about this together.

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