10 Tips To Reduce Mobile Phone Radiation

1- Distance Is Your Friend While talking on your mobile phone, prefer to position the mobile phone away from your body as … Read More

Heavy Metal Toxicity May Increase Risk of Electromagnetic Sensitivity

After reviewing available information on WiFi, Mobile phones, Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) and all other forms of radiation, I feel there is much … Read More

Top 10 facts about Mobile Phones and Wi-Fi

All Mobile Phones And Wireless Devices Emit Radiation Every wireless device is actually a two-way microwave radio that sends and receives a … Read More

What the Wireless Companies Don’t Want You To Know

International renowned Scientist Dr. Devra Davies warns “warnings that manufacturers include in packaging with todays’ smart phones, like the iphone 4 advise … Read More

Cyprus Bans Wireless From Kindergarten & Elementary School Classrooms

Cyprus Removes Wi-Fi from Kindergartens and Halts Wireless Deployment Into Public Elementary Schools Cyprus Minister of Education issues new Decree to minimize wireless radiation…

10 Steps to Safe Technology

Take One Step at a Time. It is simpler than it may seem. Please take the time to become wise about safer … Read More

Sustainable consumerism might change the world

Consumerism is what people devote a great deal of time, effort and thought into and the general view is that it is … Read More

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